Current assignments
Last Blog assignment: Feedback on Class (absolutely mandatory!)
Write a compelling reflection about the class. Be specific in your observations. Back your critique with concrete suggestions on how to improve. (Please read all questions before you start writing).
Feel free to add more aspects.

1) INTRO: How was this course different from other courses you have taken at Hunter? How did it complement your other courses?
1) SKILLS / INTERESTS: What kind of skills/interests did you discover/develop throughout the class? How do they relate to your creative and professional goals?
2) PEERS: How did the class encourage you to collaborate with peers? Did you make friends or acquaintances? What aspect of teamwork was challenging? What aspect was rewarding?
3) HIGHLIGHTS: What were moments were eye-opening and inspiring? What assignment was the most inspiring? What assignment was the most challenging? Why?
5) LOWS: What aspects were irritating? Why? Make suggestions for improvement.
6) TEACHING METHODS: What teaching methods were effective? Make suggestions for improvement.
7) CONTENT: What topics were the most relevant for you? Why? What topics were missing?
8)  YOUR OWN ROLE: How did you contribute to the outcome of the class?
9) IDEAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: How would the ideal learning/teaching environment look like? Make suggestions for alternative models of education.

Past assignments
Due on Thursday in Lab, April 26

Field Trip Report – Blog Post I (approximately 250-300 words)
Write a compelling blog post about your field trip (MoMA, MoMI, Democracy Now).
Here are some guiding questions:
1) Why did you chose this particular venue?
2) What did you expect? What did you encounter? What were your highlights? Why?
3) How do these discoveries relate to the topics and projects of our class?
4) How do they relate to your other personal projects, ideas, questions, ambitions, career goals?
5) What was the most inspiring revelation? What kind of thoughts did this trip trigger?
6) What kind of suggestions do you have for further field trips?
Make it compelling: A unique title, catchy images, and pleasant formatting are key.

Haiku Exercise – Blog Post II
Polish the haiku that we started in class.
Take three amazing photographs that complement your text.

Due on Thursday in lab, March 22

Finish photoshop assignments.
Make sure to that you can present a beautiful stamp project in class.

Finish design assignments
If you didn’t post the alphabet project and/or the love/hate letter, please catch up as soon as possible. Read details on “past assignments” below.

Due on Tuesday, March 20 (no extension!)
What will you ask our guests from Romantic Friendship?
DJ C-wag and DJ Sashay will join us in lab 8 and talk about Romantic Friendship – their weekly radio show on queer arts, culture, music and politics. Listen to one of their shows (really fun while you’re working in photoshop). And, come up with 5 smart questions and post them on your blog by Tuesday. These questions will serve us to facilitate a discussion – so, be imaginative. What do you want to know about queer culture? What do you want to know about radio-making?

I recommend the following shows, the link to shows with numbers is here
– We Don’t Belong #1209
– Queer mythical Creatures: Mermaids #1101

Due on Tuesday, March 13

Blog post #1 – Alphabet assignment

Each of you will pick 1-2 letters in the alphabet, then find a shape in your natural / urban / domestic environment, and take a picture of it. Melissa, Luca, and Desmond will volunteer to design a beautiful poster – in which all letters are arranged in a grid system. This is why we have to respect the deadline!
Next class, we can all write our names in the alphabet that we created collaboratively.

Due on Tuesday March, 13 (Both project and comments)
Blog post #2 – Design: Love letter & Letter of complaint

Open your eyes to the graphic design that surrounds you both in physical environment and in cyberspace. Identify the very best and the absolutely worst design. Take a picture of it and write two letters to the respective designers:
One is a love letter in which you praise all seductive features of the “best design”, celebrate all aspects that make it pleasing to your eye. Explain, why you fell in love immediately.
The other one is a letter of complaint in which you express your anger and frustration about the “worst design” and its harmful impact on your visual well-being. Explain, why you will never give a second chance to this form of design.
Be imaginative and concise in terms of content and form. How do you design your letters? How does your design reflect upon the words that you are communicating? You can use Photoshop, or go analog with scissors and pencils.

As soon, as you are finished, email the link to your partner

Each student will comment on her or his partner’s statement. Compare/contrast each others letters. How is your taste for good design similar? How is it different?

Extra credit: Due on Thursday, March 15
Watch the film Helvetica and write a short but compelling review. The film is available for instant streaming on netflix. If you don’t have netflix, team up with a classmate who has access to it. Or, download the film from itunes for 10$).

Here are some guiding questions:
1) What was surprising to learn?
2) How does the filmmaker turn the topic into a more interesting and almost controversial issue?
3) Imagine you were a filmmaker who is making a film about the same topic. How would your approach be different from the one presented by Gary Hustwit?
4) What else would you like to share?

Due on Thursday, March March 8
Finalize Photoshop exercise 1 and 2.
Either at home, or during open lab hours.
Upload your images on the blog, write a short description about the steps you took to solve the challenge.

Due on Friday, February 24

Improve Your Grade
This is the last chance to improve your grade for the creative statement. Revise your statements, and send me a link. Specify the changes that you made in the body of your email. Make sure to read these guidelines: here.

Due on Wednesday, February 29
Study For Quiz #1
Review lecture notes, lecture slides (see blackboard), and readings. And explore new study methods. Plan ahead, meet up with classmates – study together and do fun things afterward to reward yourself.
A quiz is a good pretext to hang out and make friends…

Due on Thursday, March 1st
Polish Your Blog
Ask yourself: Does your blog look sexy? Play around with with the ‘appearance section’ on dashboard and see what can be improved. Everybody must have an intriguing ‘about page’. Engage in friendly competitions, check out blogs of your classmates, share inspirations…
And of course, your blog should present all projects we have been working on so far, always indicate names of all team members.

Due on Tuesday, February 21 (midnight)
Upload your images & Reflect upon your working methods
Select the best photos with your partner and upload them on your blogs. Everybody must upload photos and texts on his or her individual blog. For this purpose, create a new page with the title “Photo Project.”
Write a compelling blog post with your partner which conveys information about the following questions. Don’t just answer the question – be imaginative when writing.

1) What photo task did you pick and why?
2) What was challenging for you when working on the task? What strategies did you develop to approach this challenge?
3) What ideas did you plan in advance? What ideas emerged during the shooting?
4) What were the formal devices that you chose to focus on (line, shape, texture, color, value, space, form)?
5) Did you make changes in photoshop? If yes, what kind of changes? What effects did you achieve in post-production?
6) What kind of feeling do your photos convey about the campus of Hunter College?
7) Where do you situate your work – documentary? fiction? hybrid?
8) Describe the creative flow during your team work.
9) Anything else you would like to share?
Don’t forget to come up with a catchy title. Write down the names of all team members.

Due on Wednesday, February 22 (lecture)
Read Voice & Vision, Chapter 10 and 12

– Due on Tuesday, February 14 (midnight)
Revise your creative statement
Consider our feedback from lab #2 and re-write / re-arrange your creative statements.

A provoking title, a catchy image, thoughtful formatting, impeccable spelling and grammar are key. Make sure to read these guidelines before posting your final statement.

I will grade your statements on Wednesday, February 15. Only students who had made significant improvements after our first feedback session will receive very good grades.

Due on Wednesday, February 15 (in lecture #3)
Read Voice & Vision pp. 43-57

(Be on top of the readings, they are very important for exams)

– Due on Thursday, February 16 (in lab#3)
Still Photo Assignment: Brainstorm with your partner and come prepared

Important: Bring USB Sticks, or mini hard drivesYou are allowed to bring your own equipment.

You will produce a series of 3-6 still photographs at Hunter College. In this exercise, you will pay particular attention to aspects of composition, angle, color, and exposure.

Each team will pick ONE creative task from the following list:

1) Curate an art show out of found objects
2) Trace secret encounters
3) Shoot something warm, shoot something cold
4) Hunt ghosts with your camera
5) Capture the most bizarre morning rituals
6) Depict the range of smells at Hunter
7) If Hunter was a rainbow – how would it look?
8) Shoot something loud, shoot something silent.
10) Capture the different expressions of subculture at Hunter
11) Shoot something full, shoot something empty

This idea is inspired by Miranda July’s amazing web project Learning to Love You More. She published 70 creative assignments and asked people to submit their projects.

Due on Tuesday, February 7 (midnight)
Create a Creative Statement
Your job is it to write a creative statement and to comment on the statement of your lab partner.

1) What are the most important commonalities between you and your lab partner?
2) What are the most important differences?
3) What kind of questions do you have?
4) What kind of recommendations can you give each other?


Recommended length: 250 Words

This short statement is to help you and your potential audience get an initial glimpse of the media maker behind the work. It is an important part both of thinking about yourself as a creator, a producer of ideas, images and more, and of getting the word out about your work.

You should think about your personal motivation, as well as the medium in which you work (or in which you hope to work!) and your background. 

Where do your curiosities lie?  What have you studied that interests you? Be as specific as possible.

Questions of memory? Family relationships? Identity? Music? Theater? Politics? 

What about influences? Are there certain films or film makers that you admire or appreciate? TV Shows? Websites? Games?

Most importantly, think not only about “what you’re interested in,” but about why something interests you, and about what you are trying to say with your work. What truths about the world or your life are you trying express in your work? What are you truly passionate about?

In other words, it’s not enough to say, “I’m interested in hip hop.” Rather, dig into what hip hop might express that you identify with: “I’m interested in showing that hip hop lies at the heart of understanding the deep inner inspirations of urban youth in the early 21st century.”

Prof. Marty Lucas:
Prof. Ricardo Miranda:

Martyna Starosta:
Katerina Cizek:
Bruce Mau:

Guidelines for blog assignments can be found: here


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