Friday, February 3rd
Lang Auditorium (4th Floor, Hunter North)
$ free

This Friday the City University Film Festival (CUFF) will present a screening and discussion of recent short documentaries – and a few experimental clips – from Occupy Wall St. and Occupy CUNY. The screening will feature work by graduate students in the Film and Media department: Iva Radivojevich, Martyna Starosta, Alex Mallis, and Gabi Kozak. Marty Lucas will be giving an introduction as well as participating in a discussion to follow.

Films include:
Nobody Can Predict the Moment of Revolution
(Iva Radevojevic & Martyna Starosta, 7min)
Right Here All Over
(Alex Mallis & Lily Henderson, 7min)
Month One
(Rumur Inc.)
Occupy the D.O.E.
(Meerkat Media, 5min)
The Time for Action is Now
(Iva Radevojevic & Martyna Starosta, 8min)
CUNY: Tuition Despite Its Mission
(Gabi Kozak, 7min)
Occupy CUNY
(Alex Mallis & Jay Sterrenberg, 5min)
Student Strike in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St.
(Martha Colburn, 4min)