My contact:

You are always welcomed to approach me with questions, concerns, ideas, comments.
My office hours are by appointment. Just email me and we can schedule a day to meet up.

For some questions it will be more effective to approach your class partner, for instance, if you want to know what you missed in class.

Be on time:
Most people don’t like to come late to the movies because they don’t want to miss the opening scene. Why would you want to miss the opening scene of our discussion?

If you come late, sign the attendance sheet after the class is over.
If you come late three times it will equal one absence and affect your grade.

The lectures and the discussion sections complement each other. Both parts of the class are mandatory. If you have an existential obstacle that conflicts with the class – you have to contact me as soon as possible to ask if I will excuse your absence. Two unexcused absences will lower your grade.

Respect Deadlines:
This course has a tough workload, it’s a good training to develop time-managment skills. Otherwise, the assignments will pile up. Start working on your assignments as early as possible. If you have trouble to complete an assignment, approach me before the deadline.

I am a fan of thoughtful email communication. Here’s a good structure:

– Include your course, section and question/topic in the subject
– Open your email with Hello Martyna, dear Martyna etc.
Be as specific as possible when asking your question. Provide more information than just I didn’t understand the assignment.
– Close your email with thanks, best, see you soon etc.
– Sign with your name, the course and the section number
– Proofread your email before you hit the “send” button

I will come back to you as soon as possible. If you don’t receive a reply within 3-4 days,
please send me a short reminder. Thanks!


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