We will be sharing inspirational blogs, websites and multi-media projects on a weekly basis.

At the beginning of each lab, two students will give a five minutes presentation about their favorite online projects. You will speak about the particular aspects that are exciting to you (subject matter, design, technical tools etc.), and explain why these projects resonate with your creative practice and your professional goals. At the end, you will briefly summarize how we can learn from them.

Lab 2 (February 9): Martyna’s presentation
Martyna Starosta: Feminist Frequency – A project by Anita Sarkesian
Martyna Starosta: Blogotheque – A project by Vincent Moon

Lab 3 (February 16)
Maria Taraska: Life on Standby – A travel blog
Luca Jordan: Perez Hilton
Kiko Nakadai: Michael Wolf’s Photography

Lab 4 (February 23)
Alethea Balleza: Man Repeller
Ari Einleger: Knickerblogger
Melissa Buchiere: Scouting New York
Becky Ayalla: Post Secret
Julia Main: Parker Mozee – Something might happen

Lab 5 (March 1)
Yuyu Guzman: Community Channel (Section 005)
David Dunn: Jalopnik (Section 006)
Gal Nachson: Alan James Keogh (Section 006)

Lab 6 (March 8)
Jamil Jefferson: Hypebeast (Section 005)
Sanzia Sumi: Where Did U Get That?  (Section 005)
Jeff Schimmer: Visible Children (Section 005)
Elif Gorken: Suze in the City (Section 006)
Anastasia Chiesa: Paw Nation (Section 006)


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