For this assignment you are going to make a hyper haiku.

Haiku is a form of short Japanese verse which has three lines,
with the number of syllables 5, 7, 5.

Yes, spring has come
This morning a nameless hill
Is shrouded in mist.

It is a poetry that evokes sights and sounds that draw on feelings, and it
typically contains a seasonal reference and references to nature.

For this assignment, you will build a small website around a haiku of your choice. Each line of the
haiku will be linked to a separate webpage, with its own image or set of images, for a minimum of four pages.

In terms of the navigation, you should be able to navigate both from the poem to each image page, or
follow the images from page to page. You can also repeat the text on those pages.

Hyper Haiku example by Prof. Lucas: HERE


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