Photoshop and the terror of fake beauty ideals:

Photoshop and Culture Jamming:

Photoshop revealed

Photoshop revealed

Photoshop revealed

Exercise 1: Matching colors and contrasts
Drag these images onto your desktop and open both of them in Photoshop.
Go to “image”, and experiment with the “adjustments” settings.

Exercise 2: Experiment with Filters
Select one sample from your previous photo project and make four different versions.

Andy Warhol

Exercise 3: Discover layers and tools – Compose a Veggie-head
This is one example of the potential final outcome.

In order to make your own Veggie person, drag the image below to your desktop, open it in Photoshop, and experiment with multiple layers and tools.

Veggie-head elements:

More advanced version of the same assignment:

Google search additional elements. Compose it as if it was a painting.

Or, come up with an alternative motif:

Exercise 4: Stamp Project
These are some remarkable stamp projects from last semester:

By Stephanie Lopez

By Milip Park

By Ali Awaad

By George Mantzoutsos

By Kimberly Milner

By Raymond Chen

Exercise 4: Design your own header for your blog
Go to dashboard -> Appearance -> Header, in order to learn about the size of your header.
Open a new Photoshop document, select customize the size that you need for your blog.
Then, start creating your own amazing header! Upload the final outcome.

Some examples for a header:

Our class blog header

Michael Leone's blog

Melissa Buchiere's blog

Martyna Starosta's blog


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