Download: Syllabus for Martyna’s section (005 & 006)

Lecture 1 (FEB 01)
Intro to class. Making and consuming media in today’s world. Role of media. Intro to Artists’ statements.
Read: V&V – Intro and Intro to 2nded. (xvii – xxii)

Lab 1 (FEB 02):
Intro to Lab, Student Accounts & Folders. Introduce and discuss artist statement assignment.

Lecture 2 (FEB 08)

Blogging. How blogs are changing the media landscape. Rules, conventions. How they work. Concepts. Linking. Citizen Media Ethics. Examples of blogs.
Read for today: Handout on blogging 101.

Lab 2: (FEB 09)
Share artist statements. Set up blogs and uploading artists statements.

DUE IN LAB: Blog One: Artist Statement

Lecture 3 (FEB 15)

Seeing the world through a frame. The still image — aspect ratio (basics), shot sizes, framing and composition. Resolution. Exposure.
Read for today: V&V pp. 43 – 57

Lab 3 (Feb 16)

Shooting stills. Bring USB sticks! You can also bring your own equipment.

Lecture 4 ( FEB 22)

Reproducing the Frame — lens properties, aperture & exposure, shutter speed, focus.

Read for today: V&V Cht. 10, Cht. 12

Lab 4 (Feb 23)
Critique stills (based on composition and technique)

Lecture 5 (FEB 29)
Quiz and Lecture.

Analog vs. digital imaging. Resolution & image size. (Start with opening photo, exploring concepts through Photoshop). Levels, contrast, RGB color space, curves and gamma.

Read for today: Manovich “What is New Media?”

Lab 5 (MAR 1)
Intro to Photoshop, import photos, upload to blog.

DUE IN LAB: Still Photo Assignment

Lecture 6 (MAR 7)

Design: Basics of typography and layout. Intro to information graphics postage stamp assignment. Image sourcing. Photoshop tools. Workflow.

Read for today: Robin Williams “The Non-Designers Design Book”

Lab 6 (MAR 8)
Mr. Potatohead exercise. Start postage stamp / info graphic assignment.

Lecture 7 (MAR 14)
Design Part 2: Concepts in visual design.

(Lab 7 MAR 15)
Working on assignment.

DUE IN LAB: Blog Two: “What I See”

Lecture 8 (MAR 21)
Midterm/ Lecture on Intellectual Property, Remix Culture and Fair Use

Lab 8 (MAR 22)
Finish Photoshop assignment and review in class.

DUE IN LAB: Photoshop Assignment

Lecture 9 (MAR 28)


Lab 9: (MAR 29)
Begin working on Camera Exercise

Lecture 10 (APR 4)

Recording images — formats, aspect ratio, compression, analog vs. digital, resolution (SD, HD). How moving images work.

Lab 10: (APR 5)

Finish Camera Exercise.
DUE IN LAB: BLOG 3: A Visit to the Museum of the Moving Image

Lecture 11 (APR 18)
History of the Internet and Emerging Media
READ for today: Manovich, Lev. What is New Media? And “Getting Started in HTML” (on Blackboard)

Lab 11 (APR 19)
Begin working on Haiku Assignment

Lecture 12 (APR 25)
HTML, Website Architecture, Nomenclature.
READ for today: Elizabeth Castro HTML For the World Wide Web and TBA.

Lab 12 (APR 26)
HTML EXERCISE & continue working on Haiku.

Lecture 13 (MAY 2)
Web Design, Site Architecture, Style Sheets.

Lab 13 (MAY 3)

Lecture 14 (MAY 9)
Review for final and view student work.

Lab 14 (MAY 10)
Review for final and complete projects.

DUE IN LAB: Haiku Assignment. Blog 4 “Reflections on Class”

Lecture 15:
Final Exam (cumulative) Date To Be Announced.


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